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Before I turn on IDS

I am getting ready to launch 12 IDSM-2 modules in our state agencies. We have 20+ DNS and ADS servers, 35 - 40 web servers. Each agency has a monitoring group that use programs such as; pinger, nexxus, netview, etc....

I know these machine are going to set off a bunch of signatures. Can anyone give me a list of signatures that I should filter for DNS and ADS servers. Any suggestions for the others would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Before I turn on IDS

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Re: Before I turn on IDS

I took a low tech approach and monitored for a baseline. Once I confirmed my false positives and "normal" traffice I started applying event filters a few at a time. This provided time to learn the system as well.

This site has less than 100 servers so it's not a huge amount of traffic to pilfer through. Even though you have quite a bit more, you still may want to take a similar approach.

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