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Beginner to VPN...want to set up for the office

I am the Network Admin. for my company. We have a small internal network (10-12 computers), connected to a hub, and also a DSL line connected through a router. We want to set up VPN (which is a pretty broad term) so our reps out in the field can get on the Internet and access our company's internal network for file and printer access. We do not want to spend a lot of money, and we only need one connection going at a time. Intel's solution will cost $2,500, which is too much. I have done some research, and have found that we can do it with Windows 2000 Server (which is not a problem), but it is all Greek to me! Somebody please help; anything will help! Thank you.

-Jason Turner

Network Administrator

Precision Biometrics, Inc.

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Re: Beginner to VPN...want to set up for the office

Microsoft has an IPsec solution in Win 2K and a PPTP solution in NT. If I had to recommend one it would be PPTP in NT. You could also look at the Cisco VPN client with a Cisco router as the termination point. If you did that you’d probably have to upgrade your IOS and buy the client software. Hope this helps!

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