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Better performance over VPN


I am new to networking, but have been given the task of improving VPN performance at my office. We are a small company (12) who mostly work from home. We have a DSL connection and a 675 Router at the office. Behind the router is our server that we VPN into. At present, everyone at home has a high-speed connection, but when they VPN into the server the performance is terribly slow. Any ideas why? Does the 675 router not pack enough punch to handle multiple VPN sessions?

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Re: Better performance over VPN

Actually, the 675 doesn’t do VPN in of itself. It just routes IP traffic so it’s probably not the problem. It sounds like you are terminating the packets at a RAS server or another VPN device. PPTP on an NT server is slow. It’s software level encryption so you can expect delays in processing the encryption, especially on a busy RAS sever. You might want to go with a hardware solution like a PIX 506 or upgrade your 675 to a 1700 to handle the VPN termination. Just my two cents

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