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We have a VPN for our remote users that comes from the internet in on the

Outside Interface on the Pix, goes out of inteface 2 of the Pix hits another

router and into our internal network. The VPN works fine except for our

remote users both Macintosh and Windows clients do not recieve the network

service advertisements from there respective servers. For Example, the MAC

users do not see ther servers when going to the chooser client to select a

server. If they manually enter in an IP address of the server, it works

just fine. On the PC side when a user connects, its start the Network Login

process, but doesn't run the login scripts thus not mapping important drives

for the clients.

I have an idea what is going on, but need some insight. My idea is that the

route in between the PIX and the internal network, doesn't forward/recognize

the server advertisements, because thet are essentially broadcasts. I have

lloked at the ip helper command on the router and this article from cisco in

particular and have no success.

Any have any ideas or input?

Frank Durham



Re: Broadcast Advertisements...

The VPN tunnel will block broadcasts so for your Windows clients you’ll have to setup a WINS server and point everyone at it to resolve your NetBios names. I have no idea what to do for the MAC users.

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Re: Broadcast Advertisements...

Did you get this situation resolved? I am having similar problems. I've got a WINS server and I can ping ,using the NetBIOS name ,all of my servers, but I cannot map any drives or browse the network neighborhood. Any suggestions?


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