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Bug on Cisco FWSM 3.1

In cisco FWSM 3.1, you can not delete anything on the flash: partition (for example I want to delete asdm by typing "delete flash:asdm" )

In cisco manual its mentioned that you can delete any file on the flash but if you check from any FWSM with 3.1 you can delete files on the disk: partition only !!!!

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Re: Bug on Cisco FWSM 3.1

Well, I just went through a case with TAC on this very issue.

Somehow uploading a new image on flash didn't work. I couldn't delete the wroong file either.

The TAC engineer had me reformat the flash:

We then attempted to upload the image file again, from a TFTP server using the CLI.

The file transfert paused for a long time, then my session timed out and the FWSM locked. No traffic was going through the firewall and the module was compeltely unresponsive.

Even from the switch CLI I could not reload the FWSM. I had to pull the module out and back in to reset it.

Of course, afetr that there still wasn't a valid image on flash, had to go into maintenance partition to fix it.

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