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Building a Sensor

Has anyone had issues with build thier own sensor?

I have built a sensor on INTEL/Solaris and it seems that I have been able to add it to the Director Database using the nrConfigure add wizard, but when I double click to get info on that sensor in nrConfigure it says "Unable to get the sensor type? Please check that packetd and postofficed are running" I did this and they are running. I have tested connectivity between the sensor and director and all is fine. What else could be going on here?

Cisco Employee

Re: Building a Sensor

When you say that you "built" a Sensor, do you mean that you re-imaged a Cisco Sensor appliance? Cisco does not sell or support the Sensor software on non-Cisco hardware. What version of the Sensor did you install and on what model hardware platform?

Community Member

Re: Building a Sensor

I built a sensor from non-cisco hardware, as is stated in the 2.2.1 User Guide as (an option).

Anyway the problem has been resolved. The director is 2.2.3 version and after upgrading sensor to version all problems went away.

Cisco Employee

Re: Building a Sensor

What do you mean by "built a sensor on INTEL/Solaris"?

Are you talking about installing software on a Cisco sensor hardware appliance, or intstalling sensor software on hardware that you put together yourself?

If you are talking about hardware that you put together then this is an unsupported configuration. 2.2.1 was the last version that was supported for installing on non Cisco appliances.

If you are talking about installing on a Cisco standard sensor appliance (IDS-42xx, or NRS-xx), then what software versions are you dealing with? It is a possibility that the specific sensor version you are using may not be compatible with some of the new version detection methods being employed in the 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 Unix Director platforms. The director queries the sensor to determine it's version and whether the sensor is a Cisco Appliance or an IDS Module. The later versions of the sensor software are able to respond to these queries; it is possible that older versions may not respond correctly to these queries.

I recommend using the latest 3.0(1)S4 base image (installed directly from the 3.0 CD, or upgraded from the base 2.5 CD), and install the latest 3.0(1)S8 Service Pack on top of that.

For further debugging, ensure that both packetd and postofficed respond to the nrvers command executed on the sensor.

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