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Can CSA 5.1 and CS Mgr 3.0 Co-Exist?

I am looking to move a customer from VMS 2.3 and CSA 5.0 to CS Mgr and CSA version 5.1. I was curious because I cannot find the documents on it. If CSA with its independent MC and co-exist on the same server with Cisco Security Manager 3.0.

Cisco Employee

Re: Can CSA 5.1 and CS Mgr 3.0 Co-Exist?

Hello bmoore1,

Did some reseach and found this:

CSM and MC for CSA can run together but such setting is not recommended/suggested by Cisco.

Both of these products being fairly new, if we start to see any bug related to having both software in same box, we will start to not support that setting.

Moreover, both of the servers are very high traffic/busy application, so for administrative perspective it is not suggested.

Lastly, if you have problem on one of the software, TAC needs to search bugs on both products, so we may not be able to provide solution to your problem as soon as we can.

I suspect it has to be CSA MC 5.1, since 5.0 requires Common Services 2.3, and CSM requires Common Servics 3.0. It's interesting to note there is no difference between CSA MC 5.0 and 5.1.

Hope that helps! If so, please rate.


New Member

Re: Can CSA 5.1 and CS Mgr 3.0 Co-Exist?

The 5.1 CSAMC will not operate well in this configuration.

The issues that will be seen:

1) The CSAMC policy has been locked down in 5.1 to prevent other applications from operating on the CSAMC.

2) The CSAMC no longer utilizes the common services utilities

2a) Authentication is independent

2b) CSAMC install does not merge with a pre-existing webserver. A corruption of the installed server is likely depending on install order.

2c) Again, without a merged webserver, both products will compete for ports 80 and 443.

No one on my team has investigated this configuration. But these are the same issues the Okena Stormwatch product encountered when first attempts to integrate with VMS were made after the Cisco acquisition in 2003.

Marcus Gavel

Cisco Security Agent - QA Manager

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