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Can Not open file 'event_realtime_table.MTD' errno 145

The table opened fine when I first created the alarm view. I came back in after the weekend and now I can't get into it. Is there somewhere that lists what these error numbers are so I can troubleshoot anything else that comes up.

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Re: Can Not open file 'event_realtime_table.MTD' errno 145

You can first open a Dos Cmd window, then go to /path/to/Cisco IDS Event Viewer/MySQL/bin directory and type 'perror ERROR_NUMBER'. For exampe, type following:

perror 145

It will show you what error number '145' means.

Basically, the table was crashed. MySQL table may gets crashed only if the user hard reboots the machine(turned the power off or windows crashed etc.) when the mysql server is doing insertion data into that table. You can fix the problem by following the steps in IEV configure notes. Please refer to trouble shooting section - 'Unable to Save Events to MySQL Database'. I have also cut-paste the trouble shooting steps as below:


You can correct the problem by closing the IDS Event Viewer and then stopping the MySQL service and deleting the corrupt files. To stop the MySQL service, select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services > MySQL, and then click Stop. Next, delete the following files from the mysql\data\alarmDB directory:




Finally, restart the Cisco IDS Event Viewer service. The Cisco IDS Event Viewer should now be able to properly store realtime events.


Notice the mysql\data\alarmDB directory is under your box's /path/to/Cisco IDS Event Viewer/ directory.


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Re: Can Not open file 'event_realtime_table.MTD' errno 145

Thanks for the help. I was able to bring it back up.

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