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Can not select key message

Hi, my name is Juan Carlos Torres and work for a Cisco distributor.

We recieved a PIX515 that have presented the next error:

assertion "1port||fport" failed:file"xlate.c", line 1075 thread name: pix/intf1(old pc 0x80078e6b ebp


I investigated the error but couldn't find any related information, so I powered on the equipment and it worked fine for a long while, so I decided to upgrade software version.

I upgraded to version 6.3(2) from 6.0 and now after boot up I recive the message "Can not select private key" before the "Type ? for a list of available commands" message. I tried to downgrade version to 6.1 but now I can't !!! I recieve the message Timed out during transfer.

Is there anybody that can help me ???, does anybody knows what the "Can not select private key" message means ??? Tnks !!!

Cisco Employee

Re: Can not select key message

The message usually indicates the PIX has a private/public key pair generated internally, but since it was generated the config has been changed (usually a different IP address on an interface), making the key pair invalid.

To get rid of the message just zeroize your key and generate a new pair with:

> conf t

> ca zeroize rsa

> ca generate rsa key 512

After this you shouldn't see the message anymore.

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