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Can't Connect to employer's network via Cisco VPN 5000/AT&T Cable Modem

I'm trying to figure out how to establish a connection to my work's network from home using Cisco VPN 5000. I use AT&T Cable Modem (just bought by Comcast) and I can connect to VPN just fine, but I can't ping any of my work's internal servers like I used to be able to do using DSL. I also have my work's server IP in my TCP/IP's WINS Configuration.

It was suggested that I lower my MTU, which I've tried but was unsuccessful. I've also tried using NAT Transparency.

I've heard that there may be other conflicts (i.e. IPSec)

I've had no luck with Comcast/AT&T tech support...they just say "We don't support any VPN issues"...but it does work on a co-workers system, however he's got Win2000 and I've got Win98se and too much is different. I'm also using IE 6.0, but I can only connect to anywhere BUT my work!

Network Properties/Configuration are as follows:

Client for Microsoft Networks(login to my work domain and Quick login checked)

D-Link DFE-538TX 10/100 Adapter(Binding-TCP/IP checked)

TCP/IP->D-Link DFE 538TX 10/100 Adapter(only WINS configuration has my work server IP, all others empty)

File and printer sharing for Microsoft Networks

I used to have a Microsoft VPN Adapter and NDISWAN, but supposedly that's not for Cisco's VPN 5000, but shouldn't I have a Cisco VPN Adapter regardless? If it was supposed to be installed when I installed Cisco VPN 5000, the Cisco VPN adapter didn't get installed then...perhaps because the install saw the Microsoft VPN Adapter and thought that was good enough?!?

Any help or advice would be most appreciated!

Thanks, Rich

Community Member

Re: Can't Connect to employer's network via Cisco VPN 5000/AT&T

Hi Rich,

Please check if your PC is compatible with the VPN client software version that you are using. You can do this using the document

FYI VPN 5000 has reached End of life.

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