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can't establish ssh session to c7200

Sorry for my bad English

I have following issue:

I have configured ssh server on c7200 appling following commands:

hostname R0

ip domain name

username valera password 0 cisco

crypto key generate rsa

line vty 0 4


transport input ssh

and I try to establish ssh session with putty terminal. But I can to accsess to router. terminal ask me to enter login and password and give output access denied.

The output debug ip ssh:

Mar 1 00:07:50.010: SSH0: starting SSH control process

*Mar 1 00:07:50.014: SSH0: sent protocol version id SSH-1.5-Cisco-1.25

*Mar 1 00:07:50.094: SSH0: protocol version id is - SSH-1.5-PuTTY_Release_0.60

*Mar 1 00:07:50.114: SSH0: SSH_SMSG_PUBLIC_KEY msg

*Mar 1 00:07:50.202: SSH0: SSH_CMSG_SESSION_KEY msg - length 144, type 0x03

*Mar 1 00:07:50.202: SSH: RSA decrypt started

*Mar 1 00:07:50.383: SSH: RSA decrypt finished

*Mar 1 00:07:50.383: SSH: RSA decrypt started

*Mar 1 00:07:50.539: SSH: RSA decrypt finished

*Mar 1 00:07:50.547: SSH0: sending encryption confirmation

*Mar 1 00:07:50.551: SSH0: keys exchanged and encryption on


*Mar 1 00:07:54.505: SSH0: Installing crc compensation attack detector.

*Mar 1 00:07:54.509: SSH0: SSH_CMSG_USER message received

*Mar 1 00:07:54.509: SSH0: authentication request for userid valera

*Mar 1 00:07:54.513: SSH0: invalid old access type configured - 0x01

*Mar 1 00:07:54.513: SSH0: SSH_SMSG_FAILURE message sent

Can you help me?

Cisco Employee

Re: can't establish ssh session to c7200

Have you forgotten the "aaa new-model" command? Or the "cry key generate rsa"?

I hope it helps.


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