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Can't u/g sensor via IDS-MC

Our set-up is as follows:

sensor at 3.1(40)S50

VMS 2.2 + IDS-MC 1.2

When trying to use IDS-MC to u/g the sig to S55, the MC outputs a summary that:

"Apply the update to the Management Center"

According to the readme file for S55, it should have said "Select the sensor(s) you want to update & click next."

Thanks for your help


Re: Can't u/g sensor via IDS-MC


In IDSMCm Under Configuration >> Updates >> "Update Sensor Version" is the option you should be selecting to update the sensor. If you select "Update Network IDS Signatures", it will only update the signature version on the IDSMC and not on the sensor and it will give you the message that you are getting.

I think this behavior has changed in the newer IDSMC. Since earlier there used to be only one option from where you can select the sensor to update.

Hope this helps

Nadeem Khawaja


Re: Can't u/g sensor via IDS-MC

I guess I missed some thing here. Try to first go thru this process

Configuration >> Updates >> "Update Sensor Version" , select the sensor and then select update.

Once it is done, then try to go to

Configuration >> Updates >> Update NEtwork IDS Signatures

Select S55, it should let you select the sensor now.



Community Member

Re: Can't u/g sensor via IDS-MC

Thanks for your comments however the sensor version is ok and only need to u/g the signature from S50 to S55 and this is why I did not use the "update sensor version". I am going to discuss this with Cisco SE.

Today, I tried the process with IDSM-1 module (WS-x6381-IDS) & successfully upgraded the signature from 3.0(6)S42 to 3.0(6)s49 in line with the u/g instructions using IDS-MC. So far so good.

Then decided to u/g from S49 to S51. The u/g seems to have finished correctly but now can't logon to the IDSM anymore, it displays the login prompt followed by the password prompt but doesn't come back after typing the password. IDS-MC also can't talk to it anymore. Any idea here?

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