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Can you create a static mapping with ports?

I want it so if someone types, they will automatically be sent to

So can you create a static mapping that does this for you?


Re: Can you create a static mapping with ports?

not really. if you were to forward port 80 from a global ip address to port 443 of an inside server, you could not then forward port 443 as well to the inside port 443.

this is just something much better achieved via the web server configuration


Re: Can you create a static mapping with ports?

Using a ssl offloader is better suited for what you want to do. Port mapping on the pix does not change the protocol (http is still http and not https), it is useful for mapping services running on non-standard ports. For example if you run telent service on host on port 51, you can do a static map for port 23 on global ip and to the mapping, but the user is still using telent on port 23, immune to the fact that the actual telnet service is running on port 51. I.E., port mapping is another variant of pat/nat.

http and https are different because one is using encryption and the other not. I would look into using ssl offloading and a load-balancer so that you save your server cycles from ssl processing.

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