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cannot access IDS on console

I am testing my new IDS4210 and i have successfuly done the basic things like changing host names etc. Turned Off the box... the next day I tried to access the IDS via the console and I dont get anything, I tried pinging the default ip address( and its alive. I tried to telnet the box ang it cant open a connection.

How do I reset the box to factory default? or are there other ways to do this?


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Re: cannot access IDS on console


connect a monitor to the sensor to verify if the sensor is started.

In the case that the sensor halts, connect a keyboard and type the fsck command to try to repaire the file system.

To return at the factory default use the sensor's restore cd.

When you turn off the sensor take care to gracefully shutdown the daemons before turn off the box.

"shutdown -y -i 0"

is a UNIX machine!!!

good luck!


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Re: cannot access IDS on console

You won't be able to telnet to the box using the default ip address unless this just happens to be a valid address for your network. You will also need to configure the default gateway and netmask, and make sure the address you are telneting from is included in the hosts.allow file (option 5 in sysconfig-sensor).

So, be sure you have run through options 1-5 in sysconfig-sensor, and configured your sensor using valid settings for your network. If you changed option 10 (Display) to "Terminal Only", you will not be able to connect to the system using a keyboard/monitor since all output is being redirected to the serial port. Try connecting through the serial port using a laptop and the serial connectivity cable provided with your IDS-4210. This is the most reliable way to connect to an appliance.

Let me know if you are still having trouble connecting to your system. You can e-mail me directly if you like.

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Re: cannot access IDS on console

thanks for the help !!!

i just did the recovery procedure and it's ok now

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