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cannot install cspm client on my pc


i could not install cspm client on my pc. i could and did it on my coworker's pc and tested cspm operartions working ok. i assume it's some software program on my pc that prevented installation. can anyone shed some light on this problem? in my installation attempt, i disabled dhcp, virus scan etc according to what is stated in release notes of cspm 2.3.3i. more info, os on my pc is windows pro 2k, SP2 and IE version 5.5.

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Re: cannot install cspm client on my pc

CSPM 2.3.3i does not support Windows 2000. It only supports Windows NT.

Refer to:

By the way, CSPM is no longer being upgraded with new functionality.

CSPM users need to migrate to the IDS Management Center (IDS MC) and Security Monitor (SecMon) that are part of the VPN and Security Management Solution (VMS).

These DO support windows 2000.

Talk to your Cisco Representative about migrating from CSPM to VMS.

Here is a Q&A page about the migration:

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Re: cannot install cspm client on my pc

Do you mean even cspm 2.3.3.i client does not support Windows 2000? But in the documentation, it said it does.

I had a problem when I installed cspm on my pc. It said I needed ie5.5 to install that. But I had ie6.0 instead. My pc's os is Windows 2000.

Re: cannot install cspm client on my pc

The CSPM 2.3.3i client does support Win2k but the server must still be on NT 4.0 (I know, this sucks...).

As for the IE 5.5 issue, try the following:

If you already have IE 6+ installed, start the CSPM Setup. Next, without closing setup, navigate to C:\TEMP\~exb000n (where n is a number). Open that directory and click on SETUP in the extracted files. This bypasses the IE check."

Let me know if this helps.


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Re: cannot install cspm client on my pc

I tried what you said. Start CSPM setup, without closing it, navigate to C:\TEMP. But I cannot find ~exb000n directory. I checked the whole disk. No such kind of directory.

Thanks for your support


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