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Catalyst 6500 MSFC telnet access from FWSM

I am testing if it is possilble to telnet the Catalyst 6500 MSFC from the FWSM CLI command but cant seems to make it. Anyone has an idea how do do it? I want this to work for faster troubleshooting in case of failure of FWSM. Hoping for your help. Thanks

New Member

Re: Catalyst 6500 MSFC telnet access from FWSM

I don't think you can telnet from the FWSM shell to anywhere since FWSM doesn't include a telnet client, nor a ssh client.

You probably already know the reverse, getting to the FWSM cli from a MSFC-- (session slot x processor 1) where x is the slot the FWSM is installed at in the chassis.

New Member

So what is the best solution

So what is the best solution for this issue, i have the same issue here , i have network elements cannot ping them only from the FWSM, any idea how to access these network elements without changing any access-list rules.

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