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Change PIX 501 external IP remotely

Hi all,

I have a need to change the external interface IPs on a number of PIX 501s from DHCP to static. As far as I can tell I would need to do the following:

Change IP address from DHCP setroute to static:

ip address outside

Add static default route out:

route outside

I need to do this completely remotely, with no hands on support available (multiple stores w/o any sort of IT). Due to how the sites are setup, I have to Remote Desktop into a PC, and telnet to the PIX, So I can't have any interruptions in connectivity during the process. I will be changing the IP from the DHCP assigned to the same IP, just statically assigned. Ex: DHCP assigns, I will assign statically.

I tested it in a controlled environment here at my DC. I started a ping from a PC connected to the PIX to the PIX's gateway (DSL MODEM). I am able to make the changes in the following order with not impact to the pings traveling out through the PIX:

insert static route

THEN change the IP on the outside interface.

wr mem etc.

Does this method look sound? Is there a better way of doing it? Is there a way I can just plop a different config into the memory, and reboot the PIX with the new config?

New Member

Re: Change PIX 501 external IP remotely

You can always download the config edit it and upload the config with tftp and a number of free tools. But I think that method is really the easiest.

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