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Cisco 1751 and Remote access

I am trying to configure a cisco 1751 router with a 1 ethernet WIC card. I need to have remote computers able to connect to the router via cable modem or DSL. Do I have the correct hardware needed to do this? And if not what do I need?

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Re: Cisco 1751 and Remote access


When you said you wanted the remote computers to connect to the router, what do you mean by that?

Do you mean you want to connect to the LAN portion of the Cisco 1751? If yes, then you need to use a VPN.

You will need to upgrade the IOS and get the VPN client software for you remote sites, or if they have a Cisco Router, upgrade the IOS as well.

You didn't mention what kind of connection you have on 1751. Are you using a cable modem or DSL modem for your internet connectivity?



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Re: Cisco 1751 and Remote access

Sorry about the vagueness of the last posting

I am trying to have a couple salesmen be able to connect to the office lan through their cable modems.

I have a DSL connection at the office with the 1751 router.

The clients are running on win2k pro.

How do I upgrade the IOS on my router?

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Re: Cisco 1751 and Remote access

Actually I know how to upgrade the IOS but I cannot download the new .bin file.

Also the error I get while trying to setup the VPN in ConfigMaker is:

The Following error occurred while delivering the configuration to Cisco1751

Context: Global configuration mode

Command: vpdn enable

Error: ^

Invalid input detected at '^' marker

This problem may be a mismatch in the image set c1700-y-mz.122-4.t.bin on the router. Refer to the IOS software release notes for more

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