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cisco 1812 router as ezvpn remote client

Hi guys,

I am having hard time on configuring ezvpn remote vpn connection.

Basically, we have Cisco 1812 router and two ISP connections.

Our network =; router IP address:

ISP 1 is working on Fastethernet 0 (and its gateway is and ISP 2 is working on Dialer 0 (gateway: VPN network: (gateway

We want to use ezvpn connection on Dialer0 interface and we do not have issue on connecting it, but as soon we connect it we encounter issues. It takes over our default route and points all traffic to Virtual-Access3 interface (which brings up as soon as ezvpn is connected, split-tunneling is disabled by the policy of organization we are connecting to).

We point our traffic via route-maps and it works but we have following issue now: we have ip address (actually some VOIP software) which needs to go via same link as VPN goes (Dialer 0), and we point it via route map (route-map VPN 12) but as soon as we do that can not ping anything. On the router when i execute

show ip nat translations

i can see that is trying to do natting thru VPN gateway instead of Dialer0 gateway ( I assume that i am missing something with NAT or something like that. Or is there any workaround for split tunneling? :)

I would appreciate your help.

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Re: cisco 1812 router as ezvpn remote client

If needed, i can post my running conf.

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Re: cisco 1812 router as ezvpn remote client

Issue is resolved, however thanks.

You can close this thread.



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