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Cisco 3.5.1 VPN and 3COM Wireless NIC

I use a 3.5.1 VPN client to connect to my employer's network. In my SOHO, I have two means of connecting my Windows 2000 workstation: Ethernet and wireless. Wireless uses a 3COM 3CHRSHPW696 802.11 NIC, and a Linksys WAP11 access point. The WAP is attached to a hub, and it all goes to the net through a Linux router. When I'm connected via Ethernet, my VPN works fine. When I switch to wireless, it will connect, but I cannot "see" any of the resources on the private network. I cannot ping anything. The connection status on the VPN client looks normal. I had a borrowed Compaq wireless NIC that worked okay in this configuration until I had to return it.

Can anyone point me in a helpful direction?

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Re: Cisco 3.5.1 VPN and 3COM Wireless NIC

Sounds like there is a problem with the 3Com wireless card if the wired NIC works and a Compaq wireless NIC worked. Try upgrading to the latest firmware and drivers for the 3Com wireless card.

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Re: Cisco 3.5.1 VPN and 3COM Wireless NIC

I tried this, to no avail. I have since replaced the 3Com card with another card that works just fine. Thanks for the try.

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