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New Member

Cisco 3000 Serial Port bad?

I have an out of warranty Cisco 3000 Concentrator that I'm attempting to get up and running. I've tried every combination of null modem type cable on the DB9 to get a console connection up to reset the password and nothing has worked. I've even tried pulling the compact flash out of it to erase the password to blank and have been unable to do that... any chance I can recover the box and be able to use it or am I out of look?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco 3000 Serial Port bad?

You could try this:

But if you are not getting anything out of the console, there might be less of a chance to recovery this.

New Member

Re: Cisco 3000 Serial Port bad?

Unfortunately, the problem I have is obtaining the console connection so I wanted to find a different way, perhaps modifying the flash with a default configuration and then going from there..

Perhaps someone has a default configuration that they can post and I can try that?

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco 3000 Serial Port bad?

Use a straight through cable (like the network cable from pc to switch) with the db9 attached to your serial interface of the pc.

Set your hyperterm to the settings as per usual console access to Cisco Devices. You might also want to try secure crt for your terminal software.

Once you have this setup, see if you get a console character. Unless you can get a console character on your pc, there is no other way to manage the concentrator.

New Member

Re: Cisco 3000 Serial Port bad?

Couldn't I manage the concentrator via the web interface if I am able to get a default username/pass configuration and then manually configured the IP address via the onboard flashcard?

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