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Cisco 675 ADSL Router

I have the 675 ADSL router. We have a windows 2000 server as the pdc on the network, RRAS installed. The router is connected at the hub and is used by the client machines as the default gateway. I have been able to configure web and ftp access using static nat port mappings. My question is, if i map tcp ports 47 and 1723 to the server, shouldnt i be able to establish vpn connections using pptp? or is it not supported?

The authentication process starts, but ultimatley fails. But i need to know if i should start troubleshooting the server, router or none at all...




Re: Cisco 675 ADSL Router

It’s actually IP protocol 47 not TCP port 47. TCP 1723 is still required.

Hope this helps

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Re: Cisco 675 ADSL Router

Matt or anyone else reading the group messages,

I am just beginning to set up VPN for 2 Win 2000 clients through the same 675 ASDL router into an NT4.0 server. COuld you please pass along the locations of any white papers and other information that you used to for your VPN? It is obvious that I will need to do a lot of research and so have registered with this newsgroup and am seaching the web. There is a lot of information about VPN and RRAS, but I do not know where to find information about the router. I am asking you because you have the same model. Any resources that you can point out for me would be greatly appreciated!



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Re: Cisco 675 ADSL Router

Due to the pptp use the real ip address for generating a key token used for authentication process, the existing of NAT defeat the possiblity for pptp have succesful authentication. In otherwords, if you plan to use pptp, you have no option but to take away NAT, whether it is static NAT or not.

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