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Cisco 877 sand bridged ADSL routers


I am very new to Cisco equipment having used only openSource firewalls and ISP provided routers previously, so sorry for any stupidity on my part.

I am trying to set up the following:

Cisco 877 >> Thomson ADSL router in Bridged mode (ADSL2+)>>> Internet >> Thomson ADSL router in bridged mode (ADSL2+) >> Cisco 877

I need to create a VPN between the two Cisco routers, say with local nets of and at each side. However, I would rather leave the "free" ISP provided routers in bridged mode which pass through up to 8 public static IP addresses. Is it possible to route the VPN from LAN port 1 to LAN port 2, then off out through the bridged router as a gateway? Or have I mucked up and the only way to do this is put the Cisco routers as the primary ADSL router for VPN (which wont work as they are not Annexe M - i would have to return to my supplier).

I tried playing with OpenVPN servers but felt that the Cisco routers provided a secure industry standard. I am not familir with the CLI at all but am willing to try.

I have been using SDM 2.4 and I am fairly comfortable with it, but not so sure about how to route what i want. With my firewall I can set the default gateway for the external interface, but cannot see how you do that on the Cisco 877.

Any help would be appreciated,



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Re: Cisco 877 sand bridged ADSL routers

Don't the Cisco 877 routers have an ADSL interface as the outside int? I don't see how you could even put them behind ISP-provided DSL routers.

I recently purchased two Cisco 877 routers and we will be replacing the ISP-provided routers and our PIX 501s at teleworker sites with the single 877 which fills both roles.

I would probably ditch the ISP-provided routers in your setup if I were you.

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