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Cisco ASA5510 Redundant interfaces


I have the following situation: 2 ASA5510 with faiover configured on them (one active and one backup), each with 4 redundant interfaces. The problem is that i want to change the members of the redundant interfaces:

I have    Redundant 2 (Eth 0/2 + Eth 0/3)   -- nameif LAN

            Redundant 4 (GE 1/2 + GE 1/3)    -- nameif Failover

As you can see, LAN uses two Ethernet interfaces and Failover (the link between the two ASAs) uses two GigabitEthernet interfaces. How can i make GE 1/2 and 1/3 members of Redundant 2 and Eth 0/2 and 0/3 members of Redundant 4? I have searched the Internet and i saw that you cannot add a physical interface to a redundant one after you configured nameif. So you have to erase the name but this will make all the config lines that refer to that name to be erased. I don't want to do that. Is there any other way?

Thank you in advanced!

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