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Cisco Client + Outlook/Exchange

I am having this problem with Windows XP users who have Outlook 2000 in Exchange mode. Most users (including me) can connect fine over dial-up or broadband with no problems. A few of my users cannot communicate at all with my Exchange installation over VPN. I have tried various versions, but they all work the same. Some cannot setup their account (server = exchange, username=j_smith) because when they click Check Name, it reports back that the server cannot be found. Other can setup their account, but cannot go on-line to the server, but can be off-line and synchronize.

When I check the Details of the VPN client, I notice that as i open up the Outlook client, there are several packets being bypassed. Then the application gives the option of working off-line. From off-line mode, I can then synchronize with the server.

I have played with the MTU settings to no effect. Tried re-installing TCPIP to re-bind to the adaptor (suggested by MS).

I can see that the client isn't passing some packets through the tunnel during the initial connection, even though I can ping the address and telnet to it.

Has anybody seen this problem? Why is the client rejecting these packets thinking they are not destined for the protected network?

Is this an XP problem?

I am really lost.....


Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco Client + Outlook/Exchange

Hi Crooks,

If this issue is consistent only to Windows XP (all other work fine), then you might want to try with the Split-tunneling disabled and see if that works, that way you would know if its actually sending some Outlook packets out on the Internet. If thats the case then contact Cisco & Micrsoft support to open a bug on Windows XP & Client to troubleshoot this further.

Hope this helps,


Aamir Waheed,

Cisco Systems, Inc.



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Re: Cisco Client + Outlook/Exchange

I have found this issue on both win2k and XP when "Enable transparent tunneling" is enabled with certain ISP's (e.g. Time Warner and Optimum On-Line). When we uncheck this, Outlook seems to work fine

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Re: Cisco Client + Outlook/Exchange

I managed to re-create the problem by forgetting to deactivate the Auto Update in XP, so it installed 10 or so hot fixes on my laptop. Then the problem happened to me. But un-installing the hot fixes didn't fix the problem. Only a system restore to the day prior to the update fixed it. I will try removing the tunneling feature, but I would like to know what exactly causes this to happen. In my case it was the hot fixes, but is it a resistry key or a dll or what?

Thanks for the advise.

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Re: Cisco Client + Outlook/Exchange

This is from BUG ID CSCdy73659.

Does is related to your problem ?

The VPN Client Administrators guide documentation of the vpnclient.ini

parameter OutlookNotify is incorrect. The Release-note for bug CSCdu36579 was

ambiguous. The Release-note has been clarified (see below). The Description

text and value meaning must be corrected.

Release-note from CSCdu36579:

The Cisco VPN Client manipulates Microsoft Outlook settings which impact Mail

Delivery behavior and Outlook Folder Synchronization.

Mail Delivery: Due to the fact that the VPN Client is not implemented with a

Virtual Adapter, the Outlook application is not aware of the VPN assigned IP

Address. When Outlook connects to an Exchange server, it detects that TCP/IP

services are available and registers for UDP notification of new mail using

the 'local' IP address, not the 'VPN' assigned address. New mail would only

be detected when Outlook contacts the Exchange server for other reasons, such

as switching folders, manually initiated Send/Receive, or other reasons (there

is a background poll cycle which will contact the server on a 30 minute

interval). Due to this, if Microsoft Outlook is detected as the default email

application (and mapi32.dll exists), the VPN Client automatically disables the

use of UDP notification and forces Outlook to revert to polling the Exchange

server for new mail in order to get more timely notice of incoming messages.

The polling interval is fixed by Outlook at 1 minute.

Outlook Folder Synchronization: Outlook versions prior to 2002 have a bug

which can cause the Folder Synchronization process to hang if a new mail poll

is received during synchronization. This can occur on a manually initiated

synchronization or an automatic synchronization done when the Outlook

application is Closed. Folder Synchronization is also used by Exchange to

deliver email security policies. The poll has to be received during a

specific portion of the synchronization process. Large folder

synchronizations or slow connection speeds will increase the window of

opportunity for a poll to impact the synchronization. Microsoft reports that

Outlook2002 resolves this issue.

To allow users to control this behavior, we have added the "OutlookNotify"

parameter to the vpnclient.ini file controls. The format for this is:



The values which are supported are:

OutlookNotify=0 will result in the default behavior of Outlook polling every

minute for new mail notifications. Polling may result in Outlook Folder

Synchronization issues. This is the default state if OutlookNotify is not

present in the vpnclient.ini file.

OutlookNotify=1 will prevent the VPN Client from forcing Outlook to poll for

new mail. This will prevent polling from affecting the synchronization

process. The result is that new mail will only be detected on a background 30

minute poll cycle or when the user initiates a manual send/receive or switches

between folders.

New Member

Re: Cisco Client + Outlook/Exchange

Thank You for the reply

I have seen this Bug ID before, but unfortunatly it doesn't match my symptoms. I did manage a work-around for this issue by disabling split-tunneling all-together. I also initiated a call with MS, but they don't seem to be very interested in finding a solution to this.

I will continue to prod MS into finding a solution.


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Re: Cisco Client + Outlook/Exchange

We were seeing the same thing with the 3.5 ver of the client. Actually it worked ok for while and then we started seeing the same errors you described. We went to ver 3.6.3b and that has so far fixed the problem for the 30 or so clients whow were having problems.

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