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Cisco Core Switch -Security-Help

Dear All,

I am still new to the world of Cisco.

I have here in My Network one Core Switch 4506 with 15 Edge Switch 3560.

We configure the Core Switch with This Command :-

A- )

HO-CSW-01(config)#username design privilege 15 password kabdesign

B- )

HO-CSW-01(config)#username support privilege 5 password support

C- )

HO-CSW-01(config-line)#login local


as you can see from the commands, i do not have CISCO Secure TACKCAS.

My manager asked me to find a way to create user name & Password for each one of my user so & to be able to Print a report who login & what time he enter.

I am searching for any Product - for example microsoft if i can enable RADUIS -

Can any one Please guide me if there is a way to configure the Core Switch with login to to the IP-Address of the RADUIS or any thing, please any one update me , will highly appritiated .



Re: Cisco Core Switch -Security-Help

To configure an FTP server record:

1. Log in to the switch

2. Access global configuration mode:


3. Use the ftp-record command to configure the default FTP server. The syntax is:

ftp-record ftp_record ip_or_host username ["password"|encrypted-password encrypted_pwd] {base_directory}

Re: Cisco Core Switch -Security-Help

Yes, you can use microsoft radius (IAS) for your switches.Configure users on Windows and configure the switches as clients in IAS.

On the swithes you can use the following commands:

aaa new-model

aaa authentication login default group radius enable

radius-server host X.X.X.X

radius-server key cisco

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