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Cisco ezvpn PIX to 1841 and VPN client

I am trying to configure a vpn between a 1841 router and our PIX firewall and need some assistance. Currently we have a group of 20 users that go to conference centers and each of them will connect to our network using Cisco VPN client on their laptops. We have found that occassionally the folks cannot use the network at the remote location so we purchased a Cisco 1841 with a sprint wireless card for them to access the Internet and our VPN. I am trying to configure a solution where they take the router to the site and rather than all 20 of them connecting via Cisco VPN client they simply connect to the network behind the 1841 and a tunnel is established between the router and our PIX. In my research it look like we can use the ezvpn that can be configured to solve this but I think I ran into an issue. The trouble is that while these folks are at remote locations there are several others that connect over the VPN using the client. Those are users that currently work from home so they cannot connect with the router that will be moving around to locations all over. Does anybody know if I can configure the ezvpn on our PIX and the router yet still keep the ability to permit home users to connect using their client software. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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