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cisco ios stinks it's filled with bugs

i was stuck in a cut-through proxy problem. very badly for many days. i had verified my config with lot of people .but everyone said that the config is right. i was using 12.4 (5) secure ios . pretty latest ios. it didn;t work. my friedn suggested to downgrade the ios to 12.3 and it worked like wow first shot. why hell cisco gets new ios with saying new features when it can't solve bugs with small and old features like this vut-through proxy. i guess they should stabalise the ios rather than just adding new features leavong more bugs in the ios. it's really sick to see cisco doesn't do a proper quality testing for the ios. i had wasted a lot of time thinking my config is wrong.sad for cisco.



Re: cisco ios stinks it's filled with bugs

Hello Sebastian,

I feel your pain as we have all been there before. Let's cover a few items.

1) It is generally frowned upon to post the exact same thing in multiple forum topics. A complaint like this would have done well under just one forum topic. You are obviously trying to blast Cisco due to your frustration but there is a proper way to hold Cisco accountable and then there is how you went about it. You are going to get a lot less sympathy with how you went about it. Plenty of people (myself included) have taken Cisco to task for various missteps but between your verbiage and multiple postings you are coming off like some Juniper-lovin' Cisco-basher and in case you noticed this ain't the place for that. Plenty of people subscribe to more than one topic and it is very frustrating to get your post e-mailed to me 3 different times. Once is enough,

2) Cisco has various trains for the IOS platform. They actually do a pretty good job at telling you upfront what trains are stable and relatively bug free and what are the more advanced trains that have yet to get the bugs shaken out. It is common knowledge that 12.3 is more bug free than 12.4. The newer the train the less things that have come up once it has been released to the public.

I would suggest that you get very familiar with the following link:

Get to know the difference between T, GD, LD, DF and so on. In the long run that will really help you.

In addition to differentiating the IOS trains Cisco has a Bug Toolkit where you can search for bugs that have been reported. Here is the link

I am sure by now you have dismissed my reply and think I simply have my lips planted firmly on Cisco's rear but I assure you that is not the case. I do believe in what I sell and I mostly sell Cisco gear on the networking side. I have run into many problems over the years but not an inordinate amount of problem, some bigger than other. If you follow my suggestions the next time you post a complaint I am sure you will find a more sympathetic ear here in the NetPro community. When Cisco screws up (and they do, along with every other company from time to time) they do need to be held accountable. Let’s make sure we do it in a responsible way

Take care,


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