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CISCO MIBS and 3rd party Management Apps

I have a customer that wants to monitor some of their cisco routers.They don't want or need a lot of Cisco works would be over kill...

But they use Compaq insite Manager XE v2.0 which supports importing of 3rd party MIbs .....I was wondering if any one has tried this.

I tried a few from cisco bt ran onto a few problems...

I then tried some other OEM Mibs and they worked a ok....SO its seems to be the cisco ones...

Any help is much appreciated

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Re: CISCO MIBS and 3rd party Management Apps

Be careful... Make sure you are following the correct compilation order as some MIBS are dependent on objects defined in other MIBS. So, compile the top level MIBS first and then others. You can usually tell which MIBS are required first by looking at the imports section. I have also found that the compilers will sometimes tell you what error it ran into and on what line within the MIB. This helps, as I have been able to repair errors in the distributed text Mibs and compile them normally. If you are able to successfully implement any data collect utilizing Compaq CIM XE by modifying the Data Collection Tables in the database, let me know. BTW See how much HP NNM costs for a 250 Node License. This may be worth your while.


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Re: CISCO MIBS and 3rd party Management Apps

Hi Steve,

Currently NetTasking Inc has an extensible product focused squarely at the snmp and application network monitoring market.

The New ver3 due for release end May has Cisco Router Support, SNMPv2 & Rmon Support, and can monitor Nt applications via WMI, as well as any other SNMP information you care to list.

Entry Level is from US$2000 up to Enterprise and Service Provider level between $12k to $17k depending on options.

However entry level should provide what you need at this point. Pls contact me regarding further info, or check out our website.

Co-incidently we are world wide, with offices in Sydney, Singapore, HK, China, London and soon US.


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