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Cisco NAC on Dell PE1950

I am trying to install the Clean Access Server on a Dell PowerEdge 1950, but have run into an issue. The install works just fine, but after the reboot, I get a kernel panic error:

Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

Loading mptbase.ko module

Loading libata.ko module

Loading ata_piix.ko module

Creating root device

mkrootdev: label /1 not found

Mounting root filesystem

mount: error 2 mounting ext3

Switching to new root

ERROR opening /dev/console!!!!: 2

error dup2'ing fd of 0 to 0

error dup2'ing fd of 0 to 1

error dup2'ing fd of 0 to 2

unmounting old /proc

unmounting old /sys

switchroot: mount failed: 22

I will attach the full boot log taken from a Hyperterm session. I had a similar problem loading the Clean Access Manager on a Dell PowerEdge 860, but I resolved that by disabling console redirection.


Re: Cisco NAC on Dell PE1950

Which version of cisco clean access software are you using?

If you are using CCA 3.6 , disabling RAID my fix the problem.

Try this link:

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Re: Cisco NAC on Dell PE1950

I was trying to install 4.1.1, but apparently only the PERC 5/i hdd controllers are supported, not the SAS 5/i. Anyone have any clue how I could still get this to work?

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Re: Cisco NAC on Dell PE1950

I'm having the same issue trying to install 4.1(2) on a PE1950 with the SAS 5/i controller. Although, I do not have any messages after the kernel panic message - i.e. that message occurs last.

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