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Cisco Pix 501 Firewall

Greetings all,

Not sure if this is even the right place to ask this question? If not kindly direct my to the proper forum.

I was given a used Cisco Pix 501 Firewall from a friend as I will be starting Cisco training soon. The Pix works and I have found numerous information on how to reset the password. The Old user had it for so long he forgot the password, shame on him!

I am a little foggy as to how I connect the unit to a regular computer. I have connected to every "regular" port and gained access via Telnet or Hyperterminal with no problem. The DHCP function is working and I can ping all ports on the unit except the forward facing IP!

The confusing part of the password reset is that I'm suppose to power cycle the unit while maintaining the connection. This is suppose to show a welcome screen and at this point I and directed to send and Break or hit the Escape key.

I have tried everything and each time I establish the connection I lose it when I cycle the power to the unit.

Do I have to be connected to the "console" port? And if so how do I accomplish this with a regular Windows or Linux computer?

Any help with this would go a long way in assisting me with me Cisco Education!



Re: Cisco Pix 501 Firewall

Step 9 is what you're looking for.

Hopefully you have a flat (typically blue or black) cable that allows you to console directly into the PIX.

HTH and please rate.

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