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Cisco Pix PDM time-out

hi all,

I have a problem with my cisco pix 501 and hope someone here could help me.

Im a beginner so go easy on me :D

My problem is that my PDM seems to time out after 30 to 60 seconds, obviousley i dont want it to do that else i wouldnt post it here ;)

When it times out and i want to save a config it gives the error;

[ERR]write mem PDM received an error while sending this command. Click Resend and if the browser

prompt you to verify a new certificate or to provide a username/password, please do so.

i tried changing the different time-out options via the console like timeout xlate, timeout conn, timeout h323 timeout uauth with no result.Also i tried to delete the certificate via the commands;

ca zeroize rsa

ca generate rsa key 1024

this didnt work either.

The problem occurse when i use a config with a user and without one.

Can anyone help me with this? thanks in advance.

Greetings Bas

p.s. The pix version is 6.3(5) and the PDM version is 3.0(4)

New Member

Re: Cisco Pix PDM time-out


solved it!

It was a java problem, downgrading to version 5 update 5 did the trick for me!

New Member

Re: Cisco Pix PDM time-out

Hi Bas,

That happens if you have latest Java SE 1.6 installed, PDM works correctly with version 1.5 update 6. If you wish I can send you the downloader file.

Happy new year.


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