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Cisco Secure 4.0 syslog output?

Is it possible to produce a redirected syslog output of all events from a Cisco Secure 4.0 appliance? Obviously this capability exists from the various management platforms however can the underlying Linux O/S of an appliance be configured in this fashion?

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Re: Cisco Secure 4.0 syslog output?

I think this feature is supported only from management platforms and not from the underlying O/S.

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Re: Cisco Secure 4.0 syslog output?

You can do this with CSPM via using activestate perl, the net-syslog library and a simple perl script which gets the parameters from the alert and sends them as a syslog to whereever.

You can call the script under notifications

With IDS-MC you can use the perl that comes with it, the legacy perl script and do similiar.

Cisco Threat Response will send SNMP traps on alerts if configured.

I don't think the IDM does any of this but it does use Mysql so you might be able to do something there too.

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