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Cisco Security Specialist -1 vs CCNP

Hie mates,

I'm contemplating on both of these Certifications.

However the predicament i am faced with is that i am unsure which would serve me longer for better in the industry.

I am keen on security and intend to specialize in this field which is why the Cisco Sec.Spec. -1 is so attractive.

Both have 4 examinations. The Question is which to do?

Besides that i havent any Solid foundation in CCNA besides Router Sim 3.0 and page 1-xxx of Todd Lamle Sybex CCNA 2.0 Certification book.

By right , CCNP is the next level but i'm just wondering if i should use the same money on the specialist cert.

I currently hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computing at Monash University, Australia alongside my MCSE (Nt and W2k), MCDBA, SCJP and recently CCNA 2.0 and i envision a CCIE in due time. I am jobless and at best hope to gain some skill between now and Febuary next year.

Your Advice would be Extremely Valueble.



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Re: Cisco Security Specialist -1 vs CCNP


I work in the Security team in the Cisco TAC. I am currently sitting the security specialist exams, with a view to Security CCIE in the near future. (Please remember that these views are my own and are in no way related to the Cisco TAC)

I think the most important advice I can offer is that while it is great to be a "specialist", you have to remember that this will get you nowhere if you do not have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. In whatever you do in security, there is always an element of routing, switching, IP addressing etc and if you do not have a strong understanding of these things, it will make it difficult to put the information you learn through the security exams to practical use. For example, it will be difficult to learn how to configure a firewall without having an understanding of how the internet and IP addressing works.

It is difficult to say which will assist you in getting a job faster - they will certainly open different doors for you - and if your interests are in Security, perhaps the Security Certification is the way to go.

Hope this helps :-)

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Re: Cisco Security Specialist -1 vs CCNP

Thanks Mate!

I reckon Security is the way to go, and Cisco Sec. Spec. -1 would indefnitely give me an advantage.

I will pursue the CCNP eventually after the CSS-1

And as for Routing and Switching theorethically i am as sound as sound gets BUT experience on the other hand is a different issue.

Do you see the future in the line of Security in Networking brighter? I expect something to converge soon with Wireless networks.



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Re: Cisco Security Specialist -1 vs CCNP

The way I see it is that the Internet is still only "new"... people are just starting to see its potential. The flip side to this is the potential damage they can cause.

As more and more people utilise the internet, we will need more stringent security mechanisms and more people who know how to use them.

Also, regardless of the type of network you are running, you will always need security for it.

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