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Cisco VPN 3.6.1 - Profile is lost

We've had this happen to two users who use this software on a regular basis. They try to connect and the profile (.pcf) is cleared. Any idea.

We can't replicate the problem on demand. The first time we thought it was a fluke but now it has happened three times. One user twice and the second user yesterday. For the second user, when, he had the VPN connected. When he came back to his desk, the session was terminated. He tried to reconnect and got a blue screen and memory dump. Once he rebooted, the settings in the .pcf files are gone. The first user didn't get a blue screen but twice her settings in the .pcf file were cleared.

Both have Toshiba laptops with windows XP. Has anyone else experienced this problem.


Marc-Andre Poitras


Re: Cisco VPN 3.6.1 - Profile is lost

I don't remember any of my users coming across such a problem. However I have a simple procedure for handling system crashes that might help you. I keep a backup copy of the file. You could consider making a batch file to replace the missing PCF file as required.

New Member

Re: Cisco VPN 3.6.1 - Profile is lost

We have implemented a work around batch file to reset the settings howeve I would still like to know why this is happening. Out users are getting crashes fairly regularly while using the cisco vpn 3.6.1 with windows xp and outlook xp. Once they reboot, sometimes the .pcf file is reset to it's initial default setting. It's really weird.

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