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Cisco VPN 3002 Hardware Client (Application Problems)

I have a VPN 3005 with a group and user account setup for the 3002 to allow extended network support.

The 3002 will connect, create the tunnel, and pass packets bothways. I have two machines configured exactly the same, and one machine will access a web application perfectly fine but the other will timeout or take forever to load the page. If you ping the application server from both clients the response time is equally the same.

If you install the VPN client on each machine, and take the 3002 out of the picture both machines work flawlessly.

I even tried an Nortel Contivity 221 to Contivity 221 with the exact same problem. I went directly to the VPN 3002 with my laptop and got the same results so I ruled out my network as the problem.

I don't understand being able to see the application server, but when trying to use the http protocol I get no response. I have a handful of machines that work and another handful that wont.

Any ideas to help me troubleshoot this problem?

One thing I have done is put in an order to have my cable modem replaced hopefully in the next couple of days.

(Also on the machine that won't connect to the application server I'm able to use the web management interface on the 3005!)

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