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Cisco VPN Client after Windows Vista Update (KB941229)

I had the Cisco VPN client 5 installed on my laptop and configured by the IT department at work. It was working fine all day until I restarted and KB941229 was automatically installed. When it turned back on the Cisco VPN service (CVPND) would attempt to run then stop. If I started it manually it would run for about a minute then stop again. Without the service running the VPN client won't open, let alone let me connect.

I know this vista update is fairly recent so I'm not sure there will be a fix but maybe somebody can think of a workaround or some way to fix this situation.

Things I've tried:

1) Uninstalling the windows update

2) restarting

3) restarting (in denial that this was happening)

4) configuring a vista VPN connection to attempt to connect to the company VPN (this failed too)

Uninstalling the update caused me to be unable to ping for some reason. This meant the VPN client would run but be unable to connect to the server and yet I was entirely able to access the internet locally. I reinstalled the update assuming maybe the installation went badly but that caused the same problem with the VPN service stopping itself (or being stopped) after a minute.

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