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Cisco VPN client and Novell and Panda AV

I have found an issue with one of my clients PC's that prevents him from using network resources over the VPN tunnel.


Win XP SP2

VPN client - 5.0 (Newest download)

Novell - Client 4.91 SP4 for win 4.91.4

Panda AC 4.02.40

Ok here's what happens

I made a PCF file for a handful of users to connect in and be able to access 2 servers.

On the machine with the above information installed. It will connect to the VPN. Everything seems fine but if I RDP or ping access to the server it will not go. I then installed it on my machine and it works.

So I fully investigated the one PC that doesn't work. I noticed in the TCPIP stack of both the Ethernet card and the Cisco adaptor. There is a Novell client and a panda client.

Now if I uncheck one or the other it works. (I know there's posts about panda not working and the posts are 2 years old) It will work with just panda or Novell. When I check both it fails.

Now has anyone seen this issue with these two products installed on a machine with Cisco VPN.

Also, who should this go to, Novell, Panda or both?


Re: Cisco VPN client and Novell and Panda AV

Why don't you disable only one at a time and check (Novell/panda)?



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Re: Cisco VPN client and Novell and Panda AV

I stated i did that and it works. Each one works when its the only thing checked.



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