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Cisco VPN client can't connect via bluetooth phone

I'm having trouble using the Cisco VPN Client (version over a network connection through my windows mobile phone. The PC (on windows XP sp2) is connected to the phone via the "bluetooth network connection" adapter, which connects up with the Internet Sharing applet on the phone.

Internet browsing is fine, and I am able to connect OK with the VPN client, but I'm unable to pass any traffic over the connection. One thing I've noticed is that the Bluetooth Network Connection adapater doesn't have the "Deterministic Network Enhancer" service, and it doesn't appear to be possible to add it either.

Is there a way to make this work?


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Re: Cisco VPN client can't connect via bluetooth phone

i doube that would work cause when you use cell phone internet you get the GPRS providers IP setting to access the internet with a private ip scheme .

to work VPN client youll need a public ip on your machine like with a dialup or a DSL linne.

iv tried that as well it just doest work with GPRS connections..

the connection is established but the ipsec traffic isnt permitted through...

hope that helps..

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Re: Cisco VPN client can't connect via bluetooth phone

I see your point, but the vpn client works just fine using Sprint's EVDO mobile broadband cards, so my assumption was that a phone with EVDO would work similarly.

Perhpas if the phones supported direct "dial-up networking" this would work, as it would appear as a modem connection to the VPN software. But in WM6, you have to use the bluetooth adapter insteand, and it appears to be something the deterministic network enhancer is either unable or unwilling to work with. My hope is that a few registry changes could tell the DNE to run over the bluetooth connection as well... but my initial tests weren't successful.

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Re: Cisco VPN client can't connect via bluetooth phone

check what ip do u get while using the sprint mobile broadband card.. ? public or private..?. my GRPS provider sets a 10.10.x.x ip scheme on the connection....

cause the way i took it was its like connecting vpn client while sitting behint a NATTING device (like ISA server) that wouldnt let u connect using a vpn client..

do let me know if ur experiments works ?? cause i simply gave up trying ..

:-) please rate if it helps

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