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Cisco VPN over wireless to PIX

We are getting "peer not responding" error when trying to connect the VPN client to PIX. The PC with the VPN is on a wireless LAN and has internet access using ICS. (Note: VPN is on a different PC than the one that shares internet access.) The PIX is on a WAN and uses a Proxy server for internet access. We are able to ping and tracert from the VPN client PC to the PIX. Any ideas on what may be blocking the VPN when it tries to receive authentication?

Thanks you.

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Re: Cisco VPN over wireless to PIX

Is it a LinkSys wireless access point?

If so, there is a known issue with IPSEC VPN over the wireless. Are you using WEP encryption? Can you try with and then without the WEP? I think that trying to encrypt an already encrypted IPSEC stream over WEP starts getting ugly....

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Re: Cisco VPN over wireless to PIX

I am using a D-Link Router (DI-714) and WEP is turned off.

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