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Cisco VPN Reason 412: The remote peer is no longer responding.

Greeting Experts !

We have around 2000 nodes of local area network, using 6509-E at our core layer with 3550 on access/distribution layer. We are using Share Port Adapter (SPA) for creating IPSEC tunnel between client (Cisco VPN Client on Windows Machine) and SPA (server). All we have fiber and copper connectivity (layer 1) on core and access layer respectively which are also fluke tested.

Tunnel is only using for specific subnet like 172.16.x.x/24 rest the traffic bypass tunnel and also allowing to access LAN.

Now the problem we are facing is, client (user) get disconnected at any time and got a reason # 412 "the remote peer is no longer available" however user have connectivity with other application running on LAN/Servers. There is no firewall in between SPA and user, system's firewall has been disabled from services.

Even though we have copper and optical connectivity but getting this reason, Hope you got my problem, and waiting for your good reply :)

Thanks in advance

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