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Cisco VPN software


I'm trying to create a VPN connection to the internet for dynamic users to access and I was wondering how to get Cisco VPN client to test the connection.

I am a basic member of the site and when I log in it tells me that I have guest level access! Does this mean that I nees to pay for either the software or to get a higher level access?


Re: Cisco VPN software

You need some kind of service contract like smartnet to have access to the cisco software area via CCO login. Do you or your company have any smartnet service contract coverying any cisco devices? with it you can have access to vpn software or any IOS software.



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Re: Cisco VPN software

I don't have a contract with anyone! I guess you could say I'm a 'standalone' user.

Does this mean no VPN software or IOS updates?

Is there a free option for this since I don't have the budget to spend every month for a service which I'm not going to use apart from Cisco updates?

Re: Cisco VPN software

I do not know any other way to gain access to software library unless you have a maintanance service contract.


you may email or contact Cisco TAC directly at

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Re: Cisco VPN software

Thanks for the advice!

If I contact Cisco TAC directly do you think that they would authorize me to be able to use the software repositories or are they very strict about this?

It just doesn't make sense that since I am not a large company and don't have a maintenence service contract that I wouldn't be allowed to access updates and other "free" software.

I have found a site to download the vpn client for free:

I just hope it's ok to download and use the software from here?

Re: Cisco VPN software

If you can download the vpn client from this site I guess it is ok to use it, there is not restrictions for that, the point Im trying to make is that the cisco software download area is accessible through CCO login via service contract.. your best bet is to contact TAC directly perhaps they have some other rules.

Good luck


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