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CiscoSecure URT 2.5.2 issues IMPORTANT

Hi ppl,

Please advise...

"save to database" button doesn't exist on 2.5 and next version, causing a issue around deleted users on AD. I'm unable to delete users from URT database always appears "the user will disappear on the next save to database.." . I figured that "reinitdb" cli commnad should do the work, but it doesn't exist on 2.5.2 version...

Another one... i have local accounts (PC) that stay on logon vlan, but they connect to internet by web logon.Problem is that every URL the VPS server resolves with it's own IP address...and as such doesn't work...(domain-name is configured and name-server as well...

Nyone have a hint ????


Re: CiscoSecure URT 2.5.2 issues IMPORTANT

To delete Users/Groups from a VLAN:

- In the NT and NDS Domains or Directories folder, select the user, group, or organizational unit.

- Select Edit>Delete Association.

- Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

By this, the user's/group's VLAN association is deleted

To delete users from the network, delete the users' NT and NDS user accounts. Then restart URT or refresh the NT domain or NDS directory user list.

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