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Ciscoworks level 15 security message in Ciscoview.

Can anyone tell me why i am being prompted with a level 15 security box when i try to configure any of the 2900 switches in device manager? It asks for a username and password. I have tried the password that i use for logging in to Ciscoworks but it does not work. The interesting thing is that i can configure the 4000 switches without a problem and without receiving this security box. The other interesting thing is that if i telnet to one of the 2900 switches from the Ciscoworks workstation at the DOS prompt, the telnet password will not work. If i Telnet from another workstation the telnet password does work. So what is this security box all about? Why am i only getting it on the 2900's? Why is this level 15 security password over-riding the Telnet password? And finally is there a way to find out the level 15 security username and password? Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Ciscoworks level 15 security message in Ciscoview.

You're not using the Visual Switch Manager GUI for 2900 which is built into the code (.tar image)?

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Re: Ciscoworks level 15 security message in Ciscoview.

Please forgive my ignorance but your answer doesnt make sense to me....can you please reword it? Are you saying that i need to enable Visual Switch Manager GUI for 2900. Do i do this on the switch or in Ciscoworks? Or have i completely got the wrong end of the stick? Thanks.

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