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CiscoWorks VMS unable to connect to IDS sensor 4.0(37)

I am trying to upgrade a 4.0 Sensors signatures with CiscoWorks VMS. All of the 3.1 sensors upgrade with no problem. However, when I try to upgrade a 4.0 the ip audit log generates this error:

" Error importing sensor version from the sensor - Can not get the type of sensor. The first cipher supported by the server is single-DES, which is below the configured warning threshold. Continue with connection? (y/n) Connection abandoned. " I pressume I have to change the security level on the sensor, but I can not find any info regarding this configuration. Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Re: CiscoWorks VMS unable to connect to IDS sensor 4.0(37)

Please tell us more about the process you are using to upgrade the sensor.

The first step is to back up your sensor configuration.

The next step is to use the upgrade cd in the sensor to re-image the sensor to 4.0. You should also config the initial parameters on the sensor.

The IDS MC 1.0 needs to be upgraded to IDS MC 1.1 to support 4.0 sensors. You may have already done this from what you describe above.

Next, within IDS MC, use the upgrade a sensor from 3.x to 4.0 selection to tell the MC you just upgraded from 3.x to 4.0 so the MC will convert the configuration file.

The next step would be to modify the settings of the sensor within the MC, including the username and password as these have probably changed.

Also, check the allowed hosts to ensure the IP address of the MC is listed as a permitted device to communicate to the sensor.

Now, you should be able to generate and deploy an updated configuration to the sensor.

Once the config is pushed, you should get a successful query of the device to determine the current sensor version.

Please let me know if these steps make sense and if I can provide a link to help with any of these steps. If you have already completed all these steps and are still receiving the above error message, let us know and we can help from there.


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Re: CiscoWorks VMS unable to connect to IDS sensor 4.0(37)

Thanks for your response. I actually have upgraded the sensor to 4.0. I am using ids mc 1.1 to issue a signature update. I am able to successfully upgrade a local 4.0 sensor but when I try an update accross the WAN I get the error stated in the previous posting. There is connectivity between ciscoworks vms and the node, but the update fails with the error stating the first supported cipher is DES which is below the configured warning threshold. Where can i configure this threshold?



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