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Clean Access 4.1.6

So they officially or at least had 4.1.6 on their download software list and I downloaded it and upgraded CAM and CAS the update went just fine it looks like it change the private key for the SSL certificate so forcing me to have to renew the certificate (big pain).

Also also AVG Free 8.0 is still not working for me. I have not tried reinstalling the agent (will do that now) just to make sure but curious if anybody else has tried upgrading and ran into similar problems


Re: Clean Access 4.1.6

Re-installation of AVG Anti-Virus may resolve the issue as the NAC may be looking for for some registry files from AVG.

Refer to the table present in the following link for more info on AVG support by NAC 4.1.6:

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Re: Clean Access 4.1.6

I'm going to reinstall AVG this morning to see if it does anything however why in that table does it have two dashes next to the virus definition in the AVG 8.0 rows.

Also Clean access is seeing that I have AVG installed just fine and seeing the correct virus defination package that is on it. However it fails to put a date on the report for the virus definations.

My biggest grip is that cisco release there new updates and when you work with cisco it seems there incapable of setting up a simple lab to test to see if AVG 8.0 works. I havn't gotten one response that someone has been able to get AVG 8.0 Free to work with 4.1.6.

I mean if someone told me that It works fine for them without any special rules then I would be jumping all over my setup trying to figure out what I have done wrong.

But so far Cisco is just a bunch of monkeys swinging sticks at a server I havn't seen one half way educated response from the company. I mean my last Cisco help guy told me to turn off the check for virus definations!!!!

How long has AVG 8.0 been out and still having problems with it. This is a huge deal as AVG is a big hit with college students

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Re: Clean Access 4.1.6

I have it working with one catch. The NAC will recognize the client compliant if you have fresh copy (installed less than 5 days ago in our case) of AVG installed even if dat files are out of date. It works fine if AVG was installed less than 5 days ago as that is what our custom rule looks for..

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Re: Clean Access 4.1.6

I have ver 4.5.1 on the NAC appliance, and it can't figure out AVG.

Apparently Cisco does not always get timely updates from partner AV vendors, and so the NAC never recognizes the new version of AVG (and it would seem the same with other free AV's).

Cisco's solution was to turn off the checking and allow everything through.

At this point, it would appear we have a rather expensive doorstop installed.

It has been 11 months since purchase, and there is still no solution.

The VAR has walked away from it, and Cisco has stated they feel that there really isn't a problem.

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Re: Clean Access 4.1.6

Ya Cisco hasn't been the best on keeping up with Anti-virus and OS release softwares.

However the latest version of Clean Access is 4.6 if you upgrade to that as we have it is currently working to the latest AVG 8.5

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Re: Clean Access 4.1.6

I was looking through a bunch of online docs for that very thing.

Looks like I get to upgrade..

Thanks for the info!

Re: Clean Access 4.1.6

Try the 4.5.2 agent. That has support for AVG 8.5



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