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Clean Access Agent and LRE problems

We recently upgraded to ver 4.0.2 and are using the 4.0.1 version of the Agent. We utilize 2900xl LRE switches to provide access to several of our residence halls. Students have a single LRE modem in their rooms and then use their own switch or hub to connect more than one computer if needed. Since the upgrade to the new agent we have experienced problems with the agent timing out on login and placing the user in the temporary role. If you plug directly into the LRE modem of the same room, everything works perfectly. It only seem to be certain models of Linksys switches and NetGear switches that create the problem and it is very sporadic. Specifically the EZXS55W model of Linksys will create the problem all the time. If we change the LRE profile from 5 to 10 or 15 it seem like it corrects the problem in some cases. Any ideas as to what is causing this??? Thanks for any ideas or thoughts.


Re: Clean Access Agent and LRE problems

Try by unstalling the CSA 4.2 and reinstalling the same.

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Re: Clean Access Agent and LRE problems

Hi, I was wondering if you ever came up with a solution. We are having a simlar problem. CA and Ciscos wireless Lan Controller works fine on our Gig network but we have some atm and those users get placed into the temporary role. I've had several CCIE's out here and no luck so far.

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