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Clean Access Agent requires re-authentication after unlocking workstation and then kills the network connection

On a few of our Windows 7 laptops, when logging back in after the workstation locks automatically from an idle period, CCA (version 4.5) requires the user to re-authenticate to regain network access, and upon reauthentication, the network no longer works at all.  This is problematic because most of our users rely on applications that require a constant network connection, otherwise the applications quit and the user loses any unsaved data.

We have dozens of Windows 7 machines of the same hardware model that are running the same version of CCA which behave normally after being unlocked, but we cannot find anything different between those that work right and those that do not, as these machines are all identical due to being cloned from the same image.

Any help would be appreciated, as my coworkers and I have spent many fruitless hours trying to pinpoint what is causing this.

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Re: Clean Access Agent requires re-authentication after unlockin


Windows 7 wasn't supported with CCA till 4.7.x and agents also have to be 4.7.x

Best approach would be to get to a supported version and then if that doesn't work we can work with you to see what might be causing this.



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