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Clean Access Stub Agent


Please explain what is the Clean Access Stub Agent and how to deploy it. I know what is the regular Clean Access Agent. I would like to configure WSUS update for users without administrator rights and make IP realese/renew possible for the same kind of computer clients. According to the documentataion the stub Agent is the best solution, but I have the feeling there is no explanation what is the Stub Agent.

Thanks for your help

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Re: Clean Access Stub Agent

The stub agent's sole purpose is to allow a non-admin user to be able to update the agent itself. There aren't any command line switches, that I know of and it is a straight forward install.

The only thing to be aware of is that it has to be installed before the agent software. As far as I know, if the agent software is already installed, I believe you have to uninstall the agent, install the stub, then reinstall the agent.

The stub agent, BTW, does run as a service.



Re: Clean Access Stub Agent

I am pretty sure you can install stub agent after the agent software.

You can check the new NAC Agent 4.6.2 which does not require stub agent at all. The entire stub agent concept is gone with NAC agent 4.6.2 and future release.

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Re: Clean Access Stub Agent

Howdy all,

NAC neatly upgraded my Agent from 4.5 to 4.6 uninstalling the 4.5 Agent in the process. Why did it not uninstall the Stub also? Did I miss something? (probably)

How do I (remotely) uninstall the Stub? I've got all these workstations that are now running "Cisco NAC Agent" (4.6) AND the "CCA Agent Stub."

Thanks for your time.


Re: Clean Access Stub Agent

Unfortunately I don't think you can remotely uninstall the stubs other than uninstall them one by one.

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