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clear access-list command syntax?

hello all. running 7.2(2) on an ASA5510. in the Cisco documentation here:

it seems to indicate that you can clear the counters on all your access-lists simultaneously with the clear access-list counters command, and that specifying a particular access-list ID is optional, however, in my ASA this does not seem to be the case, as i am forced to specify an access-list name. is this just a discrepancy in the documentation, am i misinterpreting it, or is there a way to actually accomplish this?

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Re: clear access-list command syntax?

I would say that is an error in documentation. I see no way of clearing ALL counters. I checked a couple of my firewalls (different versions) and I can only clear an ACL at a time.

#clear access-list inside_acl counters

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Re: clear access-list command syntax?

you can also use

clear counters

system will prompt you to confirm if you want do do all.

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